First Time Install

Mlm Tool 8.17

  • Download and install the following:
    • 'setup64_8.17.exe' or 'setup32_8.17.exe' depending on your PC architecture.

Version 8.17 release

  • Fancoil and Fancoil Wallstat added.
  • Fancoil Wizard added.
  • Mlm Tool will auto upgrade TCDs with firmware version lower than 10.08.
  • Comfort CO2 support added.
  • CO2 wizards automatically enable/disable Wallstat CO2 display.
  • Ventilation CO2 will automatically prompt user to update diffuser code to version 40.0.
  • Improved Ventilation CO2. Also switching Mlm Tool between modes (Primary Control System) improved.
  • Flow Offsets support added.
  • Added firmware revision to Node List.
  • Added Set BACnet name to USB (MSTP) Terminal.
  • Added "MLM 24 VSW Variable Volume Swirls - Blanked" with flow coefficients.
  • Project view now opens with Recent Projects dialog.
  • Updated BACnet export list.
  • MCU (UDP) connection via low latency VPN fixed.


  • New dialogs/text not translated to Korean yet.
  • Use this release for new sites or sites requiring new functionality.

Version 8.16 release update 4 (u4)

  • CO2 and Wireless wizard added to help.
  • CO2 monitor and control.
  • Added CFM flow unit.
  • Added Fancoil node.
  • Redone Network View node positioning. No more gaps between nodes.
  • App now able to support client custom help files that opens in Web Browser.
  • When in Section edit mode the Node pictures will update. More importantly pressing field diffuser button to locate on Mlm Tool will change diffuser green.
  • Added Diffuser Type (VCD, VLN etc) to Node List.

Version 8.16 release

  • MCU bootloader memory was rearranged. MCU firmware update to vesions greater than 6.20 is now a once off two stage process. Example: To upload version 6.21 first upload interim version 6.20 before uploading version 6.21. Upgrading from 6.21 will then be a single stage process again. The Mlm Tool guides the user with prompts. Remember: Version 6.20 is only an interim version which allows you to update to versions greater than 6.20 - 6.20 is not valid MCU firmware.
  • MCU Firmware to SD card copy path not updating fixed.
  • Network View Diffuser picture also displays device name top right.
  • Fixed Mlm Tool closing when trying to do MCU firware upgrading on 'k' versions.
  • Various Wireless Wallstat an Access Point updates added. Wizards improved.
  • Verify List Window sometimes prematurely refreshed showing incorrect/old verify state of mlm hardware data. Fixed and will refresh two seconds after last data was returned from mlm hardware.
  • Fixed Sdo Editor in Node Editor whos values did not update with process data. Please note it will not update when you are busy editing a textbox or checkbox.
  • Node firmware upgrading improved for connection lost during update. Same with auto firmware upgrade Wizard.
  • Fixed another folder redirection issue with connect and disconnect dialog "Not able to save Project".
  • Mlm Tool can only run when making use of desktop shortcut and not if the user manually creates a shortcut or try to run it directly from program files fixed.
  • Trend log only works for Mode Zone selections or Mode Node Diffuser selections. Not able to select only the Onboard Master (OBM) or Wallstat in Node Mode. Fixed.

Version 8.15 release

  • Uninstaller of Mlm Tool now prompts user for removal of Mlm folder from ‘My Documents’.
  • Fixed trend log for Buddhist calenders.
  • Added new flow unit m3/h configurable in main menu item 'Settings/More Properties/Flow Unit'
  • Added Comfort Temperature Filter to configure if Occupancy, Flow or Wireless features are used. This avoids unused features being active in the Mlm Tool.
  • Infrastructure to add more languages was added.
  • Ventilation CO2 support added.
  • Access Point (AP) for wireless wizard added.
  • Fixed saving to 'My Documents' folders on PC's set-up with Folder redirection.
  • Firmware upgrade speed 2x faster but only for next/upcoming firmware versions.
  • UDP connections now also supported in Reset Log.
  • Fixed diffuser matching in edit mode that sometimes left Node Missing message in Verify List.
  • Fixed Saving project to C:/ root that failed in Win10.
  • Improved diffuser override indications for Manual, BMS and Unoccupied on physical/logical views.
  • Enabled set diffuser type in network view as well.
  • 64bit PC’s now allow background images up to 100 000000 pixels and 32bit 16 000000 pixels.


  • Mlm Tool can only run when making use of desktop shortcut and not if the user manually creates a shortcut or try to run it directly from program files.
  • Trend log only works for Mode Zone selections or Mode Node Diffuser selections. Not able to select only the Onboard Master (OBM) or Wallstat in Node Mode.

Mlm Tool update 1 will be released soon containing fixes.

Version 8.14 release update 12 (u12)

  • Section dialog background picture browse checks that images does not exceed 16 000 000 pixels (width multiplied by height). Larger images uses too much RAM.
  • Section Edit Dialog: Fixed browsing to same background image (same name) that did not reload image from disk after making changes to the disk file.
  • Added progress indication for Node Editor write All.
  • Flow values on Diffuser Pictures are rounded off (decimal removed).
  • Project now saves the state of when to "Update Firmware (Always/Never/Prompt) and "Update MCU Config File (Always/Never/Prompt)".
    • MCU firmware older than 6.06 must be updated (not able to select "Never").
    • Output Panel writes out firmware and config file differences as a reminder of dated firmware.
    • Right Click on the project in Project Panel and select "Properties". This will show the status of 'Update Firmware' and 'Update MCU Config' as configured by the user.
  • Fixed memory leak causing application to restart for routine maintenance
  • Fixed all "Show in View" jumps from any type of node.
  • Removed Port Already in use popup.
  • Updated Rickard Logo.
  • Decimal Symbol configuration was added. Go to main menu item "Settings/More Properties" and choose between Default, Comma and Period.

Future Products added:

  • Dedicated Flow Diffusers
  • Pressure Controlled Diffusers

NB: When running the Mlm Tool with update 12 for the first time a popup titled "Mlm Data Description Update" is shown asking if you would like to update the file in your application. Selecting 'Update' here will require you to also update the description file on every MCU before connecting. Only select 'Update' if you require any of the additions (mentioned in the dialog) that was made:

  • Dedicated diffuser flow functionality was added.
  • Wireless access point functionality was added.
  • PCD functionality was added.
  • Flow functionality was added.

The listed “Flow functionality was added” in the dialog was already available in update 6. So there is no need to update if you are already using flow.


After installing update 12 and running it for the first time the Mlm Tool prompts the user if he would like to update to the latest Mlm Data Description file. When selecting 'Keep' the Mlm Tool does not display/draw Diffusers in Section View when connecting to a MCU.


1) Update to the latest Mlm Data Description file by updating the MCU's Mlm Data Description file. Select "File/Upgrade MCU Firmware" from the main menu. When selecting this option the Mlm Tool will ask if you would like to make use of the latest version. Select 'Yes'.


2) Install the previous version of the Mlm Tool (update 6).

Mlm Tool update 13 will be released soon containing this fix as well as some new features.

Version 8.14 release update 6 (u6)

  • Fixed 'File/Open Project' dialog '.mlmp' file double click.
  • Added invalid section name character check.
  • Fixed 'File/Save Project As' user specifying custom file name.
  • Added Section View edit mode yellow border indication.
    • NB: Remember that when you are in edit mode the motor disk position for the diffuser picture will not update. Exit edit mode (save or cancel) to activate disk position graph updating.
  • Fixed update 3's known issue regarding Mlm Tool displaying too high (80 degrees Celsius) setpoint value on first time install.
  • Fixed Mlm Tool already open with users having other applications using port 0.
  • derby.log is not created on Desktop any more. User can delete the file from desktop.
  • Fixed Terminal MSTP 'Set BACnet ID' and added 'Set Baud Rate'.
  • Please go to Mlm Tool help's "What's new in Help" section for illustrations.
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